“Leverage your Return-Rates” is a branding treatment by Krause for Float.

About Krause Studio

The Client

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Float are working within the fields of Analytical Software (SaaS) in Denmark.

Float is a technology company that helps fashion brands lower their return rate solely by analyzing their website with strong software. They have built analytical software that gives data about return rates, and how to leverage their client's apparel webshop's returns.

Float's Location
Business industry
Analytical Software (SaaS)
Launched at
Sep 07, 2022

The Symptoms

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In conclusion, business pain-points/symptoms is a useful tool when business consultants and strategic designers excel their services. In our case study, Float had the following business symptoms within their industry of Analytical Software (SaaS). We used these symptoms to imprint our creative direction and design decisions to make Float strive in their . By addressing these specific pain points, we were able to create a successful design for Float.

Premium Presence

"We don’t look premium/innovative enough"


"Our customers don’t understand how we’re different"

Online Presence

"Our customers can’t find us online"

The Diagnosis

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The Challenge

When we set out to design Float, we knew that we wanted to build software that would help fashion webshops to better understand their return rates. However, Float quickly realized that there were a number of challenges they would need to overcome in order to make our software truly effective.

First, Float and Krause needed to make sure that their software could correctly identify and track return rates for a wide variety of products. This meant building a sophisticated algorithm that could take into account a wide range of factors, from the type of product to the time of year it was purchased.

Second, Float needed to ensure that the software was easy to use and understand. Our team already knew that many fashion webshops were already using complex software to manage their businesses, and we didn't want to add to that complexity. We wanted our software to be intuitive and straightforward.

The results

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