“A Copenhagen Music Festival” is a branding treatment by Krause for AiaSound.

About Krause Studio

The Client

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AiaSound are working within the fields of Music Festival Events in Denmark.

AiaSound Festival is Copenhagen's premier music festival, established in 2021 by three visionary friends with the ambitious goal of creating a lively, colorful, and unforgettable celebration of music. The festival curates the best and brightest talent in Hip-Hop, RnB, Pop, House, and other genres to create an electrifying lineup that caters to a diverse audience.

At its core, AiaSound Festival is about more than just music. It's a celebration of creativity, expression, and community. The festival aims to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their talents and make their mark on the music industry. With a focus on inclusivity, AiaSound Festival welcomes music lovers of all backgrounds and identities to come together and share in the joy of music.

The festival's founders have crafted a unique and vibrant experience that embodies the spirit of Copenhagen's urban culture. From the eclectic mix of genres to the bold, colorful visual identity, AiaSound Festival is a celebration of everything that makes music and art exciting and dynamic.

Overall, AiaSound Festival is a testament to the power of music to bring people together, promote creativity, and inspire positive change.

AiaSound's Location
Business industry
Music Festival Events
Launched at
Feb 27, 2023

The Symptoms

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In conclusion, business pain-points/symptoms is a useful tool when business consultants and strategic designers excel their services. In our case study, AiaSound had the following business symptoms within their industry of Music Festival Events. We used these symptoms to imprint our creative direction and design decisions to make AiaSound strive in their . By addressing these specific pain points, we were able to create a successful design for AiaSound.

Ashamed To Show

"We feel ashamed of showing our website"


"Our competitors have a better brand/website"

SEO Performance

"We don’t show up on Google"


"Our customers don’t trust us"

Online Presence

"Our customers can’t find us online"

The Diagnosis

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The Challenge

Aiasound, a Danish music festival, approached Krause Studio with the goal of creating a website that would engage visitors and showcase the festival's unique atmosphere. The festival organizers wanted a website that would stand out from other music festivals and provide visitors with a memorable experience.

After diagnosing the business situation, Krause Studio identified a challenge that needed to be addressed. The festival's previous website was outdated and did not reflect the energy and excitement of the event. It also lacked a clear organization of information and was not optimized for user experience.

The results

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